7 reasons to choose
a log home

reason 1

1. Wood is a renewable resource


And that means that if you choose a log home – you are choosing to be eco. Wood production consumes less energy than the production of conventional building materials. By living in a log home, your carbon footprint is much smaller.

reason 2

Indoor air quality


Wood is a natural filter. It always absorbs excess moisture from the air inside the house. This prevents the spread of various bacteria, mites, and moulds.

reason 3

Health and well-being


Our homes are built from natural materials. We use Carpathian spruce and sheep’s wool. In a log house, glue and glass wool (which can cause allergic reactions or result in the development of chronic respiratory diseases) are not used. What’s more, wood breathes and smells great, and this aroma has a positive effect on our body.

reason 4

Energy efficiency


Spruce has the highest thermal insulation properties. Wooden walls collect air heat and release it evenly. Wood is always pleasant to the touch because it is not cold. For this reason, log homes feel pleasantly cool in summer and warm in winter. This allows for large savings in terms of heating the house.

reason 5

Saving on finishing touches


The aesthetic qualities of natural hand-treated spruce wood make it possible to dispense with the use of additional finishing materials in the house altogether.

reason 6

Excellent acoustics and atmosphere


Cozy House homes are not only relaxing and beautiful, but also provide an excellent acoustic space with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The sound spreads perfectly among the massive log walls. Our homes offer a friendly atmosphere and a microclimate that all those who are committed to a healthy lifestyle will appreciate

reason 7

Short construction time


Once all the materials have been prepared and transported to the site, our company will create a home on your plot within 2 to 14 days.  

Log building technology in a nutshell

We specialize in the construction of round log homes. The advantage of this technology is that the natural shape of the wood is not disturbed during processing. For this reason, the round log is also often referred to
as the wild log.

1. Hand debarking of logs


2. Cutting out the locks


3. Construction of load-bearing walls


4. Preparation of openings for doors and windows


5. Construction of the roof skeleton structure


Frequently Asked Questions

In fact, a wooden house is exactly as fireproof as a stone house. Any conjecture about the flammability of wooden houses comes primarily from our subconscious. For we light the fire with small pieces of wood, not plasterboard. It is very difficult to light up a log that is 30 cm thick. And it is not the walls that burn in the fire, but especially the furniture, curtains, or clothes. The key to fire safety for both wooden and masonry houses is properly made wiring.

If the log home has been made according to Canadian technology and has been prepared by experienced craftsmen, it will become more and more airtight with each passing year. As the wood dries naturally, the self-clamping lock will become tighter and tighter. A single application of a special sealant is recommended to guarantee perfect thermal insulation of your home forever.

Experts compare the durability of log houses with that of their stone competitors. The fact is that wood is a unique material in all its properties, and durability is no exception. Log houses have always been built, but because they were not treated in any way, most of them blackened. Modern log homes will last for decades, and it is worth treating the wood with special products for a long-lasting beautiful appearance.